Caducity and Eternity
As the undisputed high-quality market-leader of woodworking machines, the traditional Bavarian company MARTIN, re-brands itself with a new corporate identity as part of their 95th anniversary. In-depth interviews and workshops were conducted in order to derive insights into the company’s identity and areas of focus. The outcome was a content-driven and formal concept which expresses itself through picture language and typography. The existing color code was re-arranged to reflect the cycle of nature in order to allegorically represent the longevity of the product’s life cycles. Thereby, the presentation of categorized products was re-invented and now reflects MARTIN’s highly appraised and unmatched quality more than ever – made in Germany. Professional carpenters and large-scale wood production companies now have the possibility to experience MARTIN in a both emotional and rational way as part of the company’s new identity – a decision for generations.

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