In Korea, there has been a trend where young consumers have become more self-conscious to what they are drinking and they are leaning more towards healthy tea beverages to soft drinks. The Dongsuh RTD Tea product was struggling to keep up with the market trend due to its outdated and old brand image. Thus failing to appeal to their main targets; young females ages 20 to 30, as well as the “healthy” market trend.

We’ve created a new brand concept as ‘Slow Drink’, produced with carefully grown crops to help suit the people’s healthy lifestyle. Based on the brand concept, a new brand name ‘MALGUN TEA &’ was created; ‘MALGUN TEA’, stands for ‘CLEAR TEA’ in Korean, the ‘&’ has a double meaning – ‘providing value and emotional content that is more than what people expected from tea or drink’ and ‘~&’ which means ‘When’ in Korean. In the packaging illustrations, we’ve visualized a girl enjoying her slow lifestyle in different times and weather with the key ingredients (Wheat, Rooibos, Corn, Brown rice, and Solomon’s-seal) in the backgrounds. By using these series of illustrations, we could develop a distinctive yet consistent and strong visual identity for ‘MALGUN TEA”.

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