Graphic project for the novel Macunaíma, a literary mark of Brazilian modernism from 1928 — the journey of an anti-hero that is, at one point or another, of all founding Brazilian races, in a rhapsodic tale that draws from national folklore, modern reflections and a good dose of irony to create an unparalleled image of Brazil’s national identity.

The book presents a unique fold and unfold dynamic, in which 16 illustrations, silk screen prints with bold neon colours, are glued across its pages and folded inwards. Upon arriving at each illustration, the reader can either ignore them (leaving them folded), in a more ‘well behaved’ read — as the text itself is diagramed with the poise of any traditional literary work —, or they can ‘play’ with them, allowing for a myriad of possible constructions, and with a freneticism and flaming iconicity as seductive and ludic as the story itself.

Even though the book has just been launched, its reception has been very intense, already in the pre-sales the demand was so high that, considering its limited print run of only 350 books, there would no longer be enough for distribution across bookstores, so they will now be sold exclusively online.

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