Today I saw
[Olav H. Hauge]

Today I saw
two moons,
one new
and one old.
I have a lot of faith in the new moon.
But it’s probably just the old.

Just as this beautiful poem, Luna Lake is a romantic city park with a moon-shaped lake in the center of it. It decorates the city with soft yet vivid aroma. The branding design of Luna Lake takes the Chinese character “luna” as the key visual element, and the diffusing and gradual colors reproduce the visual feeling of the lake, enhancing the romantic atmosphere in the park.

When appearing in the park, the logo is a round box made of transparent frosted resin. What make the box standout are the blue panels inside of it that are installed in certain angles. The gradational lighting effect, created by the reaction of the box and boards inside, makes the logo a crystal moon, tranquil and beautiful.

Signage design inherits the above concept: the variation of the panels’ number and angle within the box creates lively forms: crescent, Chinese character “luna” ect. , As a whole, the signs are like fairies dancing in the air lightly.

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