The survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest victims is only 4% in Korea.
According to the survey, 82% of people know what CPR is, but only 7% are able to perform it.
How can we get people to learn CPR?

By connecting an air pump to the inside of a CPR manikin, we created a new and easy way that allows anyone inflating their swimming tubes to learn CPR.
We installed 10 Life Pumps at Caribbean Bay Water Park, so that people can learn how to perform CPR before going in the water, and before water-related sudden cardiac arrests happen.

Within only 3 weeks, 5,851 swimming tubes were filled, getting 5,851 people to learn how to perform CPR.
According to a visitor survey, the CPR training effectiveness of the Life Pump reached 95.5%, and the safety perception of Caribbean Bay measured 90.6%.

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