A Design with Extended VR Experience
This package offers an exceptional premium value, having a simple and modest exterior design and an interior design that stimulates excitement.
Particularly, its interior is designed to allow customers to intuitively feel the VR’s vivid 3D images when opening the box. The combination of the lenticular material, which provides a rich sense of space, and the virtual astrospace image improves the visual immersion and the sense of depth.

Structure Adapted for Best Usability
A structural idea is applied in this package, which not only plays the role of protecting the product but also raises the product value.
The internal blister has been designed with considerations to affordance, with its standing center around which cables can be easily wound and the drawer structure at the bottom for easy storage.
It has been enabled to be easily transported with its optimized structure and volume, and its multiple functions of movement control and locking on the outer handle enhance usability.

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