A Design Encompassing History and Tradition, Past and Present

This is the packaging design for the portable speaker produced as gifts to the employees for the 70th anniversary of LG Group’s foundation.
The design bears the theme of “A Connection between The Past and the Present”, in line with the design concept of the product which reminds us of the appearance of A-501, the first radio produced in Korea using LG’s own technology 70 years ago.

The sleeve not only seals the box but also enhances the aesthetic quality of the packaging by representing the theme of heritage using an effect of making the A-501 radio and the P5 speaker, applied on the sleeve and the box respectively, appear as a single unit. When the sleeve is removed, you can see that the box is neatly embellished with modern and trendy graphics on a white background. The brand logo and the 70th anniversary commemoration mark are rendered in silver to express the product’s high quality and special meaning.

The insertion paper, which served as a quick guide in the past, has been replaced with a greeting card presented to each employee who will receive the gift, so that they would feel a sense of pride.

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