Mitch Albom said,” All endings are beginnings, we just do not know it at the time.”
Death is not the end of life. We could choose to do organ donation to help people those in need at the end of life. In recent years , organ donation has become an important issue in many countries. In the Case of Taiwan, there are more than eight thousand people waiting for 114 organ donor’s help in 2016. Apparently, the supply does not meet the demand. We discover that most Taiwanese people know nothing about organ donation’s details after doing the research.
In order to introduce the correct concept of organ donation, we create a comic book so that could help Taiwanese people to know more about organ donation in a different way. The era of organ donation is our topic. The main idea of this topic is to promote the correct concept of organ donation to Taiwanese people.
Comic books, posters, and other accessories are our main products. The comic books divide into four parts, include the history of organ donation, donors per million population (pmp) in each country, the way to register the organ donation and how to do it. We use warm colors to present the meaning and warm of organ donation.

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