Task essence

Legis is a group of companies engaged in security activities.
The identity of the vast majority of Russian companies in the industry is very similar: pseudo army chevrons with the images of dangerous animals or birds and weapons. Legis’ logo displaying a dog-in-holster, though different from what competitors had, had eventually ceased to seem to be bold enough.
The customer’s goal was to differ dramatically from competitors.

Why triangle?

Security must be reliable, stable, but stabbing when needed. How to combine this? We have chosen a triangle. The angle of 60 degrees is sharp enough and dangerous. But, meanwhile, a triangle with three corners of 60 degrees each is the most stable figure.
While an ordinary chevron emblem is tip down, our angle is upward. Because Legis needs a daring logo.
Triangle is often used for items directly related to security, and even more often than it might seem at the first glance.
Dog’s fang, chuck, fortress. Even a child living in a modern typical high-rise building often draws a safe house with a triangular roof. You can see a triangular base everywhere.

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