A cohesive visual record of the American University of Beirut’s 150-year history from its modest missionary beginnings to its place as the foremost liberal arts institution and medical center in the Middle East. The content is divided into five thematic chapters that trace the University’s growth: Founding, Taking Root, Academic Renaissance, Turmoil and Resilience, and A New Millennium. The photographic record is extensive, visually stunning, and historically significant. Copies of original documents from the archives of AUB’s Jafet Library provide a rich assortment of maps, charters, letters, newspaper articles, drawings, and ephemera from the Ottoman Empire to national independence, Lebanese civil war and post-war rebirth.

Lead, Innovate, Serve was inspired by AUB Founder Reverend Daniel Bliss’s “diary of achievements” using identical fonts. During the 18 months of the design, the focus was on four elements: the book’s academic and timeless value, the Middle East region’s rich visual heritage, elegant Arabic typography and layout aesthetics, and modern production values.

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