Traditional Chinese characters are regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful writing systems. Each character of the traditional Chinese characters is constructed with eight basic strokes, named the “eight principles of yong”. Taiwan is the place that preserves traditional Chinese characters in a complete manner. Therefore, we regard it as our duty to continue, promote, and protect this history.

We hope that “word creation” is not confined to anyone, so we designed the “movable-type stamps”. We have broken down and reassembled the “eight principles of yong” to change the formation of characters, and re-interpreted the “eight principles of yong”. In the forms of this set of stamps, we have integrated the candidness and friendliness of the Taiwanese. We have designed them with the concept of two sets of fonts –Serif and Sans-Serif.

With these six stamps set, one can print out all the Chinese characters. This kind of interaction can inspire the users creativity. The style of word creation varies from one user to another, depending on the users’ personalities. We hope to draw attention to the beauty of traditional Chinese characters and to promote Chinese culture.

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