Constituted of a product as the center of the visuals, this is a site interface that only uses scroll and slide functions in order to present a product simply.
With shapes and coloring based around the product and detailed animation, we have expressed the worldview of a product with a high degree of perfection in design.

KUUM’s simple and polished website design, just like our products, focuses on simple scrolling and sliding layouts. Through the use of simple design, we aim to create websites that offer rich experiences and impeccable product presentation. Using color and shape, we craft a carefully coordinated image of your product, right down to the last details.

By putting the brightness, warmth, and color of KUUM into our animations, we are able to produce colors just like those of the real thing, that appear when the page is turned.
We endeavor to provide animation with depth like you won’t see anywhere else.
Additionally, by optimizing content display to suit the user’s browser size, we are able to offer responsive page scrolling and sliding.

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