KUSHUKU KYOTO HOTEL is designed considering the balance of the old and the new, and it was renovated preserving the good conditions of the old house which was build using Japanese traditional techniques.

Some parts of KUSHUKU KYOTO HOTEL are created by collaborating with traditional craftsman in Kyoto. For example, a paper lantern of a size of 150 centimeters in diameter is hanged at the center of the building’s void space. Japanese paper of Kojima Shoten, an old established store of Kyoto’s paper lantern craftsman founded in 1800, covers just the half of it to create an experience of the changing scenery through the huge lantern. Also, by decorating the guest room’s wall with Kyoto’s mounting, which Inouekogado handles the restoration and mounting of Japanese ancient shrines and temples antiques, creates a space for the guests to have a feeling of the traditional craftsman’s art.

It has managed to design a relaxing space with a sense of Japanese daily lifestyle which is familiar in a way where one can feel the tradition everywhere, combined with the huge paper lantern of unordinary Japanese lifestyle.

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