Krone (Crown) is a new beer brand that competes with the big and established Norwegian brands. Pilsner and Bayer leads the series in bottles and cans, and with Pale Ale and IPA being sold in cans only.

The idea was to create a bold and urban beer brand that reflects that quality can be simplicity. The minimalist design reflects the few and natural ingredients of this organic beer, while avoiding a cliché organic look. We stripped away all that wasn’t essential giving a sense of purity and putting the simple frosted glass in focus.

Krone means “Crown” in Norwegian – visualized by the horizontal E. This is also reinforced by the gold tops on the cans and bottles. The name and gold colour hint at beer tradition and quality, contrasting the modern design. 

The frosted glass bottle stands out and looks cold even on the store shelf.  There are no frosted glass beer bottles in Norway and we believe this is also unique among beer worldwide. All graphics are silkscreened directly onto the bottles and real gold is used. 

Pilsner and IPA is currently on sale in stores, bars and restaurants, and shortly Bayer and Pale Ale will be on sale too.

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