Successful events need an extraordinary setting. The town of Ingelheim knows this, and in the form of kING built a cultural and congress hall, in which from August 2017 lovers of art, culture, and congresses can experience events in a cutting-edge ambiance.

Beforehand, the name kING was the subject of heated discussion among the town’s citizens, who said it was over the top and inflated. Our graphic presentation of the brand put an abrupt end to the discussion, however, – and on top we delivered a striking, timeless corporate design.

We positioned kING as a state-of-the-art catalyst for culture and congresses, and developed a corporate design that gets to the heart of this approach – pared down to the essentials, black, white, timeless, and emphatic. The minimalism of the design serves as a striking, recognizable framework, while at the same time giving individual events space to orchestrate themselves. As such, in its applications, on posters, flyers, and the website, the corporate design becomes a vibrant whole.

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