Khibiny is a mountain range on the Russian Kola Peninsula with an
abundance of scenic hiking trails along its lakes and rivers. In the
winter, the snow-covered slopes attract winter sports enthusiasts, while
in the summer tourists enjoy the beauty of local tundra forests. Three
ski resorts with trails of various difficulty are located in the area.
A new tourist logo for the area was developed to attract travelers to
The logo is inspired by traditional images of the Russian North, art of
the Northern people and life beyond the Arctic Circle. The logo is made
in the characteristic style of the people of the North with a deer head
at its core. Ancient locals associated this symbol with the forces of
nature, used it as a talisman and often depicted it in embroidery. The
color combination is not accidental either: red is often found in
Northern ornaments while the white background resembles snow.
The logo is complemented by a set of icons created in the same style.
The icons were used to create a warm pattern that can be employed in the
design of various objects from buses to sweaters, hats, mugs.

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