For this particular project, our professor instructed us to choose a total of three words from a list of nouns and verbs and implement them into our illustration, either literally or obscurely, and use them to build a story. My three words for this project are: teeth, fish, look. By illustrating these words on a more literal sense, I distributed the word ‘fish’ to two characters, both represented with polar personalities from each other. I gave ‘teeth’ to the more sinister fish, striving to push the concept of teeth by resembling them to stalagmites, stalactites and icicles that would be found in a dark cave, rendering them to appear as it they are growing out the angler fish’s outer skin. I handed the remaining word ‘look’ to the innocent guppy, who’s forced trance is anticipating a dark fate, despite the intensity of the angler’s light. Lighting is a vital factor that I wanted to include into this illustration, giving it a dramatic, horror film feeling by illuminating the foreground guppy in a spotlight while showing its approaching, predatory source reveal itself from out of the darkness.  

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