In 2015, AccorHotels came to realize they were losing a generation: the Millennials for whom hotels were a bore. How to invent a new breed of hospitality to cater to this large, complex, eclectic population?

We’ve created a hybrid place in between a bar, a restaurant, a hostel, an apartment, a concert hall. Meet JO&JOE: a new hospitality concept, always changing, created by and for its clients.

More than a concept, JO&JOE is:
1. A name: JO&JOE, a schizophrenic personality, two ways of seeing the world, of travelling, of partying…
2. A visual identity, as bright as the sun, versatile, adapting to each city
3. A semantic territory, thought like a punchy and witty conversation, between two friends who just love to contradict each other
4. A graphic territory, creatively refreshing and eclectic, fueled with witty catchphrases and funny pictograms.
5. Spaces, designed as an open house, with different atmospheres and experiences

JO&JOE is the first brand to be launched by AccorHotels in the last 10 years.
– More than 400 press clippings and 1300 mentions in 3 days
– 50 000 people reached during the online activation launch

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