Product: Jakob Jung stands for typical Rheingau Rieslings with a well integrated, fine tartaric acid. The Riesling wines are light, classy and playful. They win over by a wide spectrum of flavours and their precision. Briefing: Create a new corporate design, logotype and branding and wine design series for JAKOB JUNG winery with national and international relevance. The basic of our design: these wines are complex without being complicated. You should enjoy drinking them and yet their high quality should find an adequate expression. The initials JJ inspired us and we had a brilliant idea: JAKOB JUNG is the Jack of Rheingau. And so we were right in the middle of the world of playing cards. We developed an extremely modern basic layout using the already existing CI-Colours pink and grey: a crystalline formation, which tells you already from a distance: here we are having quite a special character. This frame forms the stage for magic illustrations, letting you experience the mystical terms for the area and the vineyards like Mountain Of The Seal or Morning Of The Rock between Tarot and fiction, between mystery and play. Waking up all your curiosity without restraint.

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