Please no wine stereotypes! The new website of JAKOB JUNG should be just as unusual as the new packaging design. An experience without many clicks. Rather a movie than a book. Without sunsets, poses and postcard vineyards.
Thus the user experiences a journey in a mystical wide-walled landscape during horizontal scrolling, can move as on a 360-degree view through the world of Alex Jung and his team. A world that is like its Rieslings: racy and playful. So sensual interactions, animations and hidden treasures await their discovery: the locations, the wine labels of different quality levels, the passion of the team.
Also technically, the site is state of the art: it uses a JavaScript framework that is otherwise used to create web applications. Specially created CSS animations leave the page alive without the need for heavy files such as videos. We follow the concept of a “Progressive Web App” to complement the use of new browser technologies (CSS clip, for example). Thus we could reach an innovative UX on newer device without strongly older or mobile devices strongly disadvantaged.

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