Jägermeister „Jäm Bot“ – The first chat bot that turns a message into a personalized Rap Video.

The task
Jägermeister stands for friendship. The brand is active wherever friendship is celebrated. But how can you reach people right where they chat to their friends on a daily basis? On their smartphones. In Messengers.

The idea
Jägermeister „Jäm Bot“ – the first chat bot that raps. Featuring two of Germany’s most popular rappers, Eko Fresh & Ali As, Jäm Bot turns a normal chat message to a friend into the most personal rap video ever made.

How it works
Using artificial intelligence, Jäm Bot asks users for a few key pieces of information to create their message. These were then passed on to the rappers live in a recording studio. They transformed them into a personalized music video, which Jäm Bot sent back to the user.

The results
Within a short time, countless Jägermeister fans sent almost 40,000 rap videos to their friends. With this campaign, the brand has reached 4 million people to date.

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