„Searching for peace“ is the motto of the next German Catholics Day 2018. Due to the complexity of the motto itself the campaigns concept how to address the target group had to be individual and dynamic as well. „Searching for peace“ arouses, challenges. Sometimes personally, sometimes politically or socially. Always according to the point of view. As the search for peace is always individual and subjective even the campaign must exactly illustrate that fact. Therefore there can be no single keyvisual. Via touching, provocative, political or private images we describe ways people go to find their peace. Images as relevant as the Catholics Day wants to be for itself. Refugee debate, religion, fanatism, politics, environment, family, love, the own life – themes are as complex as the motto. Far from any religious clichee. Thus the motifs reach all people no matter of age, gender and origin. And they renew permanently: As life itself the images change until May 2018 again and again. The purposely chosen coverage look of the imagery intends to thrill, emotionalize, arouse and polarize by its authenticity. The motifs invite to start searching for peace. And of course come to Münster.

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