Being pregnant is one of the most fascinating experiences ever. Right from the first moment, thousands of questions arise. The app iMamaiPapa answers: Medically well-founded information and 3D images of the fetus help to experience closely and to understand the pregnancy – for the first time for moms AND dads alike. The insights are surprisingly, the information understandable and navigation is intuitive. A “great guide” (CHIP) with more than 200,000 users.

New concept, new design and new features. The app “iMamaiPapa” has undergone a total re-launch in the year 2014. First and foremost: the new design and the new interactive application i-baby-belly (iBabybauch) that grabs the miracle of life in a very personal short film. There is also the new diary function, to save the images from the ultrasound, the first tangible kicks and all other landmarks.

From the health insurance company BKK RWE the app was praised as a “must have for parents”. The computer magazine CHIP rated it as “great guide for mom AND dad”. And the online portal writes: “Five out of five points. This review speaks for itself.”

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