For IKEA, we created a high-definition, interactive showroom that uses the immersive power of virtual reality to offer an innovative 3D product experience. With new ways of exploration and visualization, customers can bring IKEA rooms to life – opening their mind and home to new possibilities. The Virtual Home Experience lies at the center of IKEA’s home furnishing hub – a playful interior lab where IKEA focuses on inspiring and co-creation with its customers. The VR experience works like a creative primer by inviting them to visualize different combinations. It sets customers free to think beyond the given things, making the most out of their visit to the hub and helping them truly find their very own room for life.

The application provides an immersive and emotional product experience that revolutionizes the way customers engage in interior decoration. After slipping into IKEA’s virtual showroom, visitors are able to explore and configure furniture items and their environmental context in real-time. In the blink of an eye, they can try different fabrics, swap the wall color and even change the time of day to see their combinations in a different light. It empowers the visitor

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