In 2016, Hyundai aimed at creating a corporate sound that translates the brand strategy into a consistent brand experience. The new sound evolves from the principal sound attributes: essential, refined and confident. We have created a sound tonality that is harmonious, smooth and fluid. The performance is minimalist yet the details are self-assured and lively. The concise musical theme is a simple, ascending six-tone sequence that forms the basis of the Hyundai sound and determines the sonic logo. It flows dynamically and ends on an open tone, which points the way into the future.

Hyundai spearheaded an 18-month, global brand relaunch across all markets implementing the brand expression. The new corporate design together with the corporate sound translate the brand strategy into a consistent brand experience. The desire to make modern mobility accessible to everyone formed the basis of the future branding. The main aim was to create a unique brand DNA that makes Hyundai instantly recognizable and delivers a consistent, global brand experience to consumers worldwide.

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