Hyundai Sans is the bespoke typeface created especially for Hyundai over a 12-month period, supporting our communication with a global audience of 103 languages in 193 countries. The typeface was launched in 2016 as part of a comprehensive, global brand relaunch targeted at global consumer markets. The new font needed to work across all global media and be legible in smaller sizes for digital devices. In a departure from the traditional, technological Hyundai style, the new typeface needed to have a more timeless, human look.
Hyundai Sans Head is optimized for headlines, while Hyundai Sans Text is designed for legibility at smaller sizes. Together, the 18 character sets work effortlessly across all touchpoints and devices. The font radiates a warm, confident look with a human touch, inspired by traditional Korean letterforms. Perfectly balanced counters of the upper and lowercase “s” create a harmonic shape, inspired by the Korean philosophy of Eum & Yang, which is also depicted on the Korean flag.

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