Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang: Korea’s largest Car Culture Experience Park provides an interactive journey for visitors to explore the brand. Visualizing the reverse chronological order of the process, the exhibition spaces show the different steps starting with the automobile going backwards through the production and research steps to the design concept. Visitors experience fascinating spaces, memorable dynamic installations and engaging interactive settings. They immerse themselves in the Hyundai brand and identify with the car manufacturer. The exhibition space includes three thematic levels. In the ‘Plant‘ area, visitors interact with industrial robots that demonstrate Hyundai’s manufacturing process. Every hour the robots interrupt their work and perform a classical ballet together. The area ‘Innovate‘ depicts the elements of research and vehicle development, comprising five spatial installations that inform about safety, aerodynamics, sound design and energy efficiency. The exhibition highlight is the kinetic sculpture in the design area. This scenographic installation demonstrates the design philosophy ‘Creating Design from Movement’ in a three-dimensional physical experience.

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