‘Creating Design from Movement’: Hyundai’s design process as an interactive, three-dimensional experience. A kinetic installation translates the Hyundai design philosophy into the exhibition space. Light and sound as well as movement and interaction offer multisensory access to the brand.

As visitors take the lift to access the installation, they are visually prepared by a film. This first impulse is continued on a monitor strip that draws the visitors into the open exhibition space. The series of monitors, expanding into the room, is precisely choreographed together with the sculpture.

1,411 individually animated aluminium rods are in continuous motion. During ‘Reactive Mode‘, the rods react to the visitors’ physical movements; in ‘Show Mode‘ the sculpture embodies Hyundai’s design philosophy ‘Creating Design from Movement’. The dynamic movements of the rods finally flow into a Hyundai automobile and represent the company’s design language.

Using narrative, the kinetic sculpture transforms the company’s philosophy into a three-dimensional experience.

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