“Hùn” is an interesting word with multiple meanings, both positive and negative.For examples:goof off/ slack off/ slacker ,there are also some meanings related to underworld, mafia and gangster.
During the four years of university, we learned all sorts of different knowledge and skills, and we merged them with our own design energy. We expect to succeed in the future by emphasizing the term “mixing in”, so “design mixing in, and mixing in with design” will be our definition for the theme. In response to the theme, we used different sorts of expressing techniques, and the overall vision we are presenting will be interesting and varied visual effects including the merging, stacking, and the misplacing of the term “mixing in”. Design, isn’t just singular. After absorbing and converting, and through the innovation of designing and the integration of new values, we wish to express everything we learned in our time in university by presenting it with visuals; hoping that we can all “mix in” well.

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