Hugendubel Smartbon is a smart solution for a German retail bookshop chain to boost sales using book recommendations, known from online shops, on a sales receipt.

The initial idea: Hugendubel, a small, family-owned bookshop chain from Bavaria, sells thousands of books every day – in their retail shops. Unfortunately, customers are too casual when it comes to online shopping. That’s why we conveyed the benefits of digital data for the offline world using a medium that reaches every customer – their sales receipt.

Whenever a shopper purchases a book, our software is able to recommend relevant books – just like in an online shop. An extract from this recommendation is then printed on the sales receipt. This gives the reader an immediate first impression of the recommended title. Additionally, a QR code leads directly to the item in question in the Hugendubel online shop, making it very easy for customers to make another purchase. And showing that even an established medium such as a sales receipt can be used to increase sales – it’s all thanks to data.

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