“Huangshan” is a famous Chinese mountain. According to legend, the Emperor Huang practiced alchemy, played the zither, cultivated himself and became an immortal here, so it was renamed “Huang Shan”. Tiandu is one of the three main peaks of Mount Huang, known as “capital of immortals”,meaning the capital in the heaven.
Huangshan, the capital of immortals, is the beauty of nature. Anyone has their own sounds of nature, so the start of the design is not the common mind, creating a zither to package goods, which can be played and make sound with electronic chips and printed strings to let anyone play their own sounds. The story of Boya and Zhong Ziqi making friends due to the song “Gao Shan Liu Shui” has been popular, and the zither terrace is regarded as a symbol of friendship.
The stereovision of packages shows a zither, using the push-pull opening way to show a whole zither, and the natural background sounds of wind, water & twitter start at the same time. Package sides were drawn the Four Wonders of MountHuang – pine, stone, cloud, spring. Four Wonders were shown respectively in the small packages of box, which can be made into a whole scene.

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