Adobe Stock is now integrated in Creative Cloud, allowing you to search, edit and license stock footage without leaving your software. To highlight these new features for faster workflows we created a campaign that creates awareness and consideration for Adobe Stock and inspires to try and use it. The biggest barrier in delivering highly creative output is the combination of time pressure from ridiculous deadlines and perfectionist art directors slowing down the process.

To bring this struggle to life, we placed the most well-known industry stereotype as our hero: the Hovering Art Director (HAD). Famous for having more ideas than any designer can keep up with, micromanaging and taking up time with last minute improvements.

We turned him into a designer toy with branded packaging and a built-in speaker with 18 lines of pure wisdom, which was then sent to design departments worldwide to generate leads for the new stock platform.

With designers deliberately knowing what they do and don’t like, its design and packaging had to be a high quality attention-grabbing-jealousy-sparking-I-totally-want-this-on-my-desk-collectors-item. No pressure.

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