I take the written word more seriously, because I can remember it more easily.
(Ich nehme das gedruckte Wort ernster, ich kann es mir leichter länger merken!)
Quote Helmut Gansterer, author and journalist

#hello – edition „alittlebitof“ presents blog posts by fashion bloggerin Sunita Ramic.
Magazine with 72 pages – cover, contents and „about“ pages are in a smaller size.

The magazine series #Hallo brings blog posts to paper – for the friends of printed pictures and words. The page layout does not follow any scheme and shows individualities on each page.
The design contrasts the image world with big bold typography elemets in condensed, compressed and ultracompressed font styles. Eye-catching pagination and the font combination “Sharp Grotesk” and “Grifito Family” as a defining typographic element.

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