Hausmann’s house wine – the wine that looks the way it tastes

The task: Design for the new Hausmann’s house wines (red/white). They are to make their taste visually tangible. Furthermore they are to blend in with Hausmann’s gastronomy’s appearance, a new interpretation of »German Gemütlichkeit« – handmade with rough edges.

Idea/Solution: We translated the wines’ flavours into Pantone colours. Combined with the Hausmann’s world’s handmade charm, we created modern tags that are surprisingly self-explanatory.

Production: Printed on uncoated paper in four colours, refined with opaque white, partial UV coating and deep embossing.

(Hausmann is a typical german last name and it refers to the word »Hausmannskost«, which means »home cooking style« in german.)

Übersetzung der Aromen:

Translation of the wine’s flavors
(From left to right and top to bottom)

Hauswein white:

Aprikose, Litschi, Birne, Ananas, Mineral
Apricot, lychee, pear, pineapple, mineral

Hauswein red:

Pflaume, Johannnisbeere, Schokolade, Kakao, Pfeffer
Plum, currant, chocolate, cacao, pepper

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