Two points equal a straight line while three lines establish a plane, meaning that each Hakka family connects with one another, forming a Hakka village, and develops the Hakka imagery furthermore. Meanwhile, this also signifies that Hakka TV, in the digital era, should become the platform that connects all the Hakka communities and weaves the social network of Hakka people.
Therefore, by combining the characteristics of TV and the three dimensional visual impression, Hakka TV programs display a stereoscopic feeling like seeing through a prism, which centers on families, focuses on Hakka families, connects Hakka villages, and, in addition, develops the Hakka imagery. This way, the viewers experience the TV programs with dramas consisting of passion and the code of brotherhood, beautiful music bringing out vivid images, the latest and organized news and knowledge, educational stories for children, and last but not least, witty and humorous TV shows featuring arts and humanities.
Hakka TV serves as a TV channel that provides its viewers with colorful and lively visual world, displaying the daily lives of Hakka people, and set a benchmark of an enterprise that offers public service.

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