The 2016-2017 season is an important transitional period for the National Theater with a newly appointed Artistic Director with a radical approach and vision. The request was three-fold: to present the theater’s new repertoire to appeal to younger audiences, to create a consistent visual language across all 5 different Stages and to devise a solution to be able to organically unfold without the use of photos (20 plays and productions to take place), considering the important budget cuts in terms of promotion on top of the fact often a play’s tools need to be prepared in under 5 days, without the possibility of the creative team attending a rehearsal. The solution needed to address institutional, creative and practical needs and limitations as time, informational and budget concerns are equally important needs in this case. The creative idea is based on the use of a line that through different shapes and colours creates a different identity per play and at the same time a visual differentiation and consistency for the organization. To address that, a custom illustration was designed per play visualizing each time a different theatrical universe, always in harmony with each other.

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