[Grandpa Soy]… where cordage brought Chinese dressing into a new place.
Being one of the earliest tool of human civilizations, cordage can be simply used for attachment, binding and wrapping.
We couldn’t live our life without this useful tool, so is the design of our package. Initially, our objective is to wrap cordage around the glass bottle to prevent the sauce from staining the bottle due to the spill from the bottle lip after pouring the sauce, and also allows customers to better hold the bottle without slipping out of hand.
The original inspiration of the package is from the fact that Taiwanese used to wrap cordage around glass bottles back in the days. We place elaborate folded cardboard on the top and bottom in order to avoid damage to the glass, and attach the two ends also by cordage. It turns out that our product becomes somewhat like a hot air balloon, and yes, this is how we want it to look like.
Our design is able to let customers clearly see the product without unwrapping it, while minimizing the use of paper simultaneously.

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