Restaurant 1683, a tribute to Gaggenau‘s 333rd anniversary year, is the first in a series of
events of a three-year campaign. With a four-night pop-up at the Art Beam gallery, the restaurant brings a epicurean journey to to Manhattan.
The experience starts with a trip 333 years back. Guest are greeted in an entry
with a 3-dimensional cut out of a Black Forest chalet cuckoo clock flanked by
three ladies in traditional costume.
Stepping through time, the guests are lead to a cocktail reception. Reminiscent of a blacksmith shop, the setting is completed by a real blacksmith.
The main chapter starts as the guests step through a curtain to see a waterfall which encircles them as they pass through a corridor of mirrors. The guests find themselves midst of a Black Forest setting, with the sounds of rushing water and intermittent chirping of woodland birds. The air is cool and misty, the room dark with streaks of light cutting through tall trees, smells of rich soil and wood wrap you; a surreal forest that feels a thousand miles away. Bedded in moss, dinning stations find their place within the forest. Here the chefs prepare a menu which marries the rich flavours of the Black Forest.

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