In Shenzhen we are proud to have been involved in the very successful Gaga cafe brand. It seems there is no slowing down in the desire for Gaga’s good coffee, quality food and relaxing interiors. Following the success of our previous Gaga cafes, the design at Wongtee Plaza in Shenzhen adopts a similar sense of style and refinement, but with a bit more punch and geometric boldness

The space has been designed across multiple levels; the walls, floor and ceiling all have unique characteristics and offer an interesting play between lighting and furnishings. For example, a wooden drop ceiling runs across the cafe – at parts it transforms into a metal mesh frame that supports hanging planters and even a sculptural light volume. The goal for Wongtee plaza was to create an environment that satiated both the energetic lifestyle of its patrons and the cafe’s delicate, yet delicious food.

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