LG G6 GUI is a project that provides the user experience that makes you feel focused and immersed with the product by reflecting its solid shape of beauty and unique screen ratio of 18:9 to its visual design.

1. Graphic.
The main app screens have strong colors so that the characteristics of each app are highlighted. And the weather app features lively screens using emotional illustrations. In the horizontal view, screens are separated so that the 2:1 ratio of LCD can be best utilized, which leads to a high usability.

2. Motion & Effects.
It provides the user experience with sense of unity by applying seamless motion effects to the cycle of “Incoming Call – In Call – End Call”, and it also feels better integrated with the product’s concept by applying the unlock effect featuring the LCD’s 2:1 ratio.

3. Lock screen & Home screen.
The wallpaper for lock screen has been created with the motifs of the product’s name, 6, and the LCD’s 2:1 ratio for high degree of immersion and awareness by customers. The wallpaper for home screen has a similar concept to that for lock screen, but is optimized for the home screen’s characteristic of having many contents on a screen.

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