This product is women’s innerwear made from red beans, a natural material.
Red beans are rich in protein and helps keep your body warm. This underwear inherits this insulating quality of red beans. Also, the brand name Forarm is meant to signify “For Warm,” as a brand aiming for better insulation. Made of natural materials, Forarm is an eco-friendly brand spanning bras, panties, sleeveless shirts, and underpants. Therefore, Forarm’s products are functional underwear that protects the body temperature of women, who need to keep warm. The design in the logo graphics comes from the image of red beans and the letter “F”, the first letter of the brand name. The products feature delicate, feminine images incorporating the natural curves of the female body, and the red-been-inspired imagery. As to the fonts, sans-serif typefaces with high readability are used to suit Forarm’s focus on comfort and functionality. The color of red beans, as the main color, emphasizes warmth, and low-saturated colors are used as to give points and express the sense of comfort. In addition, the feminine symbolism has been enhanced by inserting the lace texture, which is often used for underwear, in the backgro

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