Fitos is a project committed to redefining exercise for exercise haters.

It is a game app that promotes an active lifestyle and connects people together by creating a game environment that utilized a fitness tracking app and devices to reward people being active.

In Fitos App, every user is represented by an illustrated game character to interact with other users.

By connecting to a fitness tracking app or devices, like Apple Watch or Google Fit App, Fitos is able to follow user’s physical activities and track their fitness progress. And then, Fitos transforms the fitness data and progress into Fitos Points for users to get useful rewards, such as products, food, digital services, discounts, and tickets to events, from Fitos or through sponsors and partnerships with Health and Fitness Industries.

Also, Fitos helps users to connect to friends and family, and find an exercise partner at a similar fitness level who shares the same interests. Create teams, join events, play games, get rewards, motivate each other and exercise together, Fitos helps people rethink an approach to exercise and makes the habit-forming process easier.

Get connected, get active. This is Fitos.

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