Brand Concept

“Where do you get your inspiration?”
This is a question we ask people who are able to express their inspirations in a myriad of different ways. It also implies that inspiration can be vague and not easily accessible.

Looking back on the day, however, we may have already missed so many sources of inspiration. Fountains of inspiration constantly speak out to us each day if we would but tune our senses towards them.

“Finding Mr. Yeonggamnim” is the personification of “inspiration” as an “old man” based on the Korean homonym “Yeonggamnim” for both meanings. We designed a holistic experience that encourages people to constantly seek inspiration and funnel them into singular ideas.

Brand Logo

The “Finding Mr. Yeonggamnim” logo builds on the Korean consonants that make up the word “Yeonggamnim”. The circle symbolizes the unique perspectives each person has of the world and these inspirations are captured within the square frame.

Brand Color

“Finding Mr. Yeonggamnim” juxtaposes yellow and black to represent the shimmering inspirations we find in everyday moments, have pooled in our minds, and find constantly touching our senses in our lives.

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