Our mission: develop a product that directly reduces the plastic consumption.
Additionally, we wanted to raise the awareness for plastic pollution, change the consumption behaviour to act sustainable.

To make consumers rethink and change their habits, we developed FEEDitBAG.
It is the first bag that gives life instead of taking it. Therefore, every bag has various fruit- and vegetable seeds on it. So after being a shopping bag, FEEDitBAG becomes a bag for organic waste that can be directly composted to grow new life. This is possible, because it is 100% bio-degradable and completely made of renewable resources.

FEEDitBAG is made out of Mater-Bi that is produced out of corn-starch, and therefore renewable resources. It is 100% compostable in only ten weeks. The design was printed with water-based colours in a flexo printing. The sticker is 100% bio-degradable as well. The bag also degrades in water.

The integrated approach let the consumers participate. Posters and flyers caught the customer’s attention and informed about our initiative. Via QR-codes on wobblers, they voted for the next edition on our Microsite. Product dispensers distributed all FEEDitBAG motifs.

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