This project is implemented for a restaurant selling Japanese-style Chinese foods in a fishing village near the seaside. The first floor has a store retailing processed fish products. The second floor has a restaurant selling Japanese-style Chinese foods with an elevated entrance directly connected to the ground floor. The third floor and the fourth floor extend the overall spatial lines to connect the stairs and set up venues for matrimonial ceremonies and banquets. Vertical lines and transitions of rationality are orderly distributed in the spaces. Certain functions are embedded onto each floor. Extended lines become the coordinator of the visual field and the atmosphere as they overlap and weave into personalities and layers of the commercial spaces. Distribution of the light resembles a huge lighting fixture. Reflecting from the vertical and horizontal lines in the spaces through, the penetrating beams pass through the opening of circular screens and exhibit the artistic conception of fusion. It attempts to create the three-dimensional geometrical effect for the building to earn three Michelin Stars as the building can now the visual effect and the flavor of the highest level.

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