„Expectations Of A Heart. I Write — You Stay“ is a poetry book with urban influence. Nothing rhymes on heart with Sebastian Heinrich alias Cornell. Only the ventricular fibrillation remains from the heart. He wants those with a time-lapse, who only marching in step — that jetsetters, false 68s, prosperity children and others to understand the grace of our days.

The poet from Constance in his mid-thirties rhymes all this. And collaborating with the Stuttgart designer Matthias Seeburger, he created a lovingly precise book from it.

„I Write — You Stay“ is a visual-lyric oeuvre, in which material, colors, forms and contrasts contraring the lyrics; poetry and design melt together. You can read this poem in two directions. „I Write“ — the white one — begins in present, introduces the makers and the program: „Only if you say, what you feel — then you say something“. The second, black half pauses and encourages interaction — „You Stay“; striving in neon between black and white, hard nights and the search for the Lucky Punch.

And, last but not least — as a turn-book full of punch.

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