Switzerland through and through. “The Gotthard Base Tunnel” on it’s journey through Switzerland. To draw attention to the grand opening from the people in advance, there should be an attractive mobile exhibition, worked out, realized and sent on a tour with ten stops throughout the whole country. The goal was to show the people in Switzerland the meaning of the 57-Kilometer-long Tunnel as the longest railway tunnel of the world. To show them the history of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the technology, the mobility of the future and the Facts & Figures should be made perceptible to the people.

Already from far away the huge “super sign” – a cross section from the actual size tunnel which is 9.5 meters high – can be seen. It serves as an eye catcher which is used to draw attention to the “Gottardo 2016” exhibition and makes the visitor curious. From up close the visitors start to realize the immense dimension of the tunnel. The cross section of the tunnel isn’t just a photo spot but it also invites the active use and personal interaction with the people.

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