This project is wall graphic for new dormitory in Ewha Womans University located in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The wall is 4m high, 130m long corridor.

There are a few limitations in realizing graphic on the wall. First, the wall was exposed concrete block that has unique shape and texture. Second, graphic design we proposed had to be realized by workers which entails lots of variables in materializing a shape. To minimize the variables, we used 40cm by 20cm of bricks to form a basic module. 

As shape was relatively simple, more dynamic element was needed to fill wall which is 130m in length. We designed flexible letter types that ratio between length and width can be transformed freely around quadrangle. A sense of unification in shape can be maintained even though proportion changes due to design system based on the same unit. 

An illustration was considered to provide more detailed visual information about space. The material of the illustration became a routine practice such as exercising, reading, and relaxing from the character of the space. For the enjoyable image, we took ‘point of view from above’ and made unfamiliar view with familiar materials. 

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