Brief: test the Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs at the limit of its capabilities and demonstrate that it can take its owner to even the most extreme destinations and create the unique content with wow-effect provided by Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs. There are over 500,000 search queries related to Mount Everest per month only in Russia and only a bit more than 4,000 people managed to win its top. So Everest became our destination for driving Toyota SUVs to shoot the first ever street view of climbing the world’s highest peak. We organized the first expedition to Everest in 2015. But no one managed to reach the peak that time because of the earthquake. In 2016, we repeated the attempt and managed to climb up and perform the footage. Project production took more than half a year, which included processing of 1084 photos to create 270 panoramas for 14 kilometers of the road. We developed the special 3D model of Everest, overlapped with the ascent route and key points for user convenience. All the way to the top is accompanied by dubbing with a detailed story from direct participants. Results: 1000000+ unique visitors, 70%+ of users strolled along the virtual route on the website, 20000+ shares.

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