Eslite Spectrum Suzhou was designed based on the concept of an aesthetic living gallery, a lifestyle Mecca with a 72 step grand stairs winding through this temple to the written word, a prelude to the bookstore, a performance hall, and other shopping opportunities. More than just a corridor, the space is infused with a sense of ritual and appeal.

Between the lattices, the minimalist design elements, from soaring wooden grilles to stone steps that expand on the building itself and concrete walls, to be as inspiring as a museum and a space for nature and exploration.

Perpendicular to the lines of motion, the concrete walls, wooden lattices, and linking bridges all engage in a dialogue with the space, shaping the continuity of the space and creating scenery in motion while traversing the staircases. Light moves with the sun, passing through the skylight grille and casting shadows onto the concrete walls, creating moving art on the stationary canvas. Here, people, space, and activity meet and interact, wandering through the verticals and horizontals, witnessing the calm, elegance, and friendliness of Eslite.

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